Money or Die

Feb 28, 2007

You probably know the old Jack Benny Joke. We play hard ball Monopoly in this family and tonight after the weak players gave up, Madison and I duked it out. In the end, she begged for mercy, but it was Game Over.

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Income Tax Time Again

Feb 28, 2007

Yep, it’s that time of year again. I have an uncle who is a CPA, too bad he’s disowned me. So, Bill has been working on our taxes today. The bad news is the IRS wants so much darn money and I hate to pay the IRS. The good news is we have the money to pay the IRS! The afterthought is, I like living in the United States, so I suppose paying taxes isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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See You Around

Feb 27, 2007

In The Baxter Bulletin of Mountain Home, AR:

Calico Rock’s Kris Kanatzar moved another step ahead in CMT’s Music City Madness online talent search. Kanatzar’s music video is one of 32 contenders remaining in the national contest, and online voting is now open for the contest’s second round.

Go to Music City Madness to vote for a winner to receive an all-expenses paid trip to Nashville and gets to record an episode of “Studio 330 Sessions,” CMT Loaded’s original online performance series. User Generated Content!

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Feb 27, 2007

Andy Plesser of Beet.TV posts:

MIT’s Henry Jenkins says that the success of YouTube is from the creation of content around communities of interest. It’s not about individual voyeurism. It’s a social media phenomenon driven by the viewers organized around content that matters to them.

You can create your own community of interest around content that matters, your own MySpace. Robert Scoble posts on Ning, and Jeremiah Owyang covers Others.

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Picture by

I’ve been working on creating a PDF file through Word 2007, but when I uploaded it to my website people were getting Adobe Reader error messages when they tried to open it. It turned out they had to have the latest Adobe Reader Version 8.0 to read the document I created with Word 2007. What a bummer. I did find this way cool free software called PrimoPDF that did the trick. PrimoPDF allows you to take any document you can print and convert it into a PDF. PrimoPDF saved the day!

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Laundry Noir

Feb 26, 2007

The laundry’s a brewing, I’ve got to get a doing. That’s all she said, and then she was gone. I was left in the dark, but I’d been there before. As my eyes adjusted to the glow of monitors, I heard the bell, the one around Sam’s neck, that told every mouse and bird that she was coming. No matter, she was fast, a good climber, she could hold her own against big bruisers like Buster. She leaned against me to say hello, then headed to the dog food trough. Manners, she had the manners to say hello before eating. And that’s how it all began….

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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Feb 26, 2007

If you want to Catch Fire:

STOP mouthing off with the same old tired Drama, find your own true Story, and start telling it.

DROP down to Details and Destinations for making a Brand Statement.

ROLL with the Flow of microchunking your story, freeing it, syndicating it, monetizing it.

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Hello iPhone

Feb 26, 2007

Now you’ve seen it, Apple’s Teaser Ad on the Oscars. How strange to see an event celebrating last century’s Media, with an ad using last century’s Stars, for a product of the Future. Long Tail, Hello!

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Last week we did an Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspot Installation and had a lot of fun with it. We used two D-Link DWL-7700AP Access Points for the installation. Before doing the install we were surprised that we could not find much information on the Internet about these units, so we decided to create a document containing step by step information about the installation. You can view the document here.

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Sunday Design Ninjas

Feb 25, 2007

Traffic Light

Misty and I are having a rare leisurely weekend, so there’s been time to mull over things. We prescribe:

STOP — Discover your own remarkable Story.

CAUTION — Mashup story Symbols and Systems.

GO — Let loose the story and follow the Flow.

And call us in the morning.

(Mashup of Photo by grendelkhan)

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