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Feb 20, 2007

Picture by goldberg.

I was searching online for a replacement CDROM drive for a laptop today. I was shocked to see they were in the $250-$400 range. I don’t think I have ever purchased a replacement CD Drive for a laptop so this was new news for me.

I expressed my shock to Bill on the prices and he responded, “Baby, know why they chop up cars when they steal them?”

I liked that quote and I suppose I like clever quotes from all around, I even keep a blog of just Kid Quotes. Maybe I need to start a Bill Quotes!

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I hate dealing with transmitting medical Insurance claims, but that’s what I did today. It all started about five years ago when I got a call from a lady at a local Doctor’s office that told me her modem wasn’t working. I thought, Gee, no big deal, that will be easy to fix. I went out and found out that she referred to her computer as her modem and when she said not working she meant she didn’t know how to use it. I’ve now learned to ask people, “What do you mean so & so is not working, or how do you know it isn’t working?”

Back to the story, after some questions I found out what she really needed was to get setup with Medicare to do electronic claim submissions. So, after about a week of me studying the software, and talking to Medicare, and learning about billing codes, and inputting a zillion codes, we were set and uploading claims.

Fast forward about five years and it stopped working. Claims were only being sent partially and sometimes not at all. We found that the Medicare Claims Express Software, or MCE, had corrupted data. The symptoms were when we went to “Workday Wrap up” the blue bar did not go to the top of the screen, but it did create the file to send. We could transmit the file just fine through Hyper Terminal, but Medicard did not receive it correctly.

As luck may have it, our the backup started failing last September and no one ever checked it. We were able to take all the files from the backup that started with ptnt* and overwrite the current corrupted files and then all started working fine again. Who would have thought a failed backup would save us?

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Feb 20, 2007

Sunset Skyline

Words, Pictures, Videos. That’s what you’ve got to make a post on a blog. In person, you’ve got the scent of the air, the landscape, the sky, the people. The idea is to take the Elements you have and Link them together to tell a Story in context. That’s all.

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Mardi Gras

Feb 20, 2007

Geo Map Overlay 20Feb07

Today’s Fat Tuesday, so I’m thinking about one of our top Search Terms. It started with Misty’s post Brazilian Girls Attack YouTube with Spam. Since then we’ve seen on HitTail the many visits for youtubegirls, brazilian girls takes it in, hot brazilian girl, & hot brazilian girls.

In the Google Analytics Geo Overlay Map above we see that there aren’t many visits from Brazil, so it must be people from other countries visiting us because they can’t make it to Carnival!

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