Sunday Design Ninjas

Feb 25, 2007

Traffic Light

Misty and I are having a rare leisurely weekend, so there’s been time to mull over things. We prescribe:

STOP — Discover your own remarkable Story.

CAUTION — Mashup story Symbols and Systems.

GO — Let loose the story and follow the Flow.

And call us in the morning.

(Mashup of Photo by grendelkhan)

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Story Babel

Feb 25, 2007

We just watched the movie Babel — it was awful, a perfect example of Story vs. Drama. It’s a mashup of three slightly related stories that just end up being drama.

Neal Gabler offers an explanation:

In this culture, the intrinsic value of a movie, or of most conventional entertainments, has diminished. Their job now is essentially to provide stars for People, Us, “Entertainment Tonight” and the supermarket tabloids, which exhibit the new “movies” — the stars’ life sagas.

Better yet, Tell Your Story!

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