Grandma Gayla Casebolt of Mt. Home, Arkansas took Baxter Healthcare by storm with her Girl Scout Cookie sales. Yep, Gayla & Madison Shipman created their brand. Gayla & Madison started it last year with this letter. Gayla made copies of the letter and included it with every order. People went nuts over it. This year they hunted her down to buy cookies from Madison. Guess Grandma’s Marketing Plan Worked!

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Brand Statement

Mar 1, 2007

When your Story is so compelling that folks want to Tell it to others, Wear it on their sleeve, or Tattoo it on their body, then you’ve got a good thing going. Create your Story or Get Help creating it.

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Big Fluid UI

Mar 1, 2007

Via Rudy De Waele, we see this beautiful Multi-Touch Screen technology example of The Fluid UI. Om Malik hits it:

Appleā€™s iPhone is a collection of commodity chips, hard drives and whatnot dressed up in a pretty shell. It is the UI that makes it intriguing enough to worth waiting for.

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