Coop posted today I Brake For Garage Sales: 1965 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. He’s obviously pleased with his new purchase, and it reminded me of a Road Trip in late summer of 1968 from Kalamazoo, MI to San Francisco, CA and back. We had just finished up at the Behavioral Science Institute at Western Michigan University and were headed to the American Psychological Association convention in San Francisco. It was my first time in Bagdad By The Bay, I loved the feel of the city, and I even registered for The Draft while there. We swung a gig running a hospitality suite at the convention, so had unlimited room and drinks. And yes, we drove an old white Ford Falcon station wagon!

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WiFi Switch

Mar 3, 2007

WI-FI service is quickly becoming the air-conditioning of the Internet age, enticing customers into restaurants and other public spaces in the same way that cold “advertising air” deliberately blasted out the open doors of air-conditioned theaters in the early 20th century to help sell tickets.

Randall Stross in this NY Times article explains why hotspots are the new cold spots in this Anderson Switch.

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Mar 3, 2007

A few days ago on gapingvoid I saw this comment by Stefanie:

Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison
and expecting them to die.

I couldn’t stop laughing! Words to live by, literally.

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Social Software

Mar 3, 2007

Fred Wilson says All Software Should Be Social:

I can barely use software that doesn’t have other people in it. I want profiles and faces and connections. I want to see what others are doing with the software. I want to connect and be connected.

And so do we all want connection to Social Networks.

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AT&T Killed Cingular

Mar 3, 2007


AT&T bought Cingular and now our service doesn’t work anymore. We always had great coverage at our home until Friday. Now, sometimes we can make calls out, and some calls get in, but most the time the calls are dropped and the signal fluctuates greatly. It’s just gravy that our Cingular contract ends in 3 days. The only other option here is Alltel, and to be quite honest I would rather have Cingular. I spoke to tech support and they told me 3-5 days before it might work. That’s not acceptable, I have kids, we do business on our phones, and we only use cell phones. We can’t be down for more than 24 hours. So, in frustration I punished the Cingular logo above.

**Update: Cingular had the problem fixed within 36 hours, before Monday***

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