My daughter came home this evening with a new toy called Cube World. At first I was not impressed because the graphics were old style black and white, with just basic stick people. How entertaining could that be? Well, to my surprise it grabbed my attention. The concept is these stick people live in their little cube and when you connect the cubes they interact with one another. When one stick person goes into the others cube they get into a fight or do something silly together. These cubes vaguely reminded me of the Z-Touch Bill gave me, but that’s a whole other story that includes programming by holding the device to your computer monitor…..back to the Cube World. In summary, these stick people can think outside of their box. How cool is that?

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Time Mashup

Mar 4, 2007

I see Dead People. So do we all, sometimes. Most, if not all, of the people in this clip from the 1942 version of To Be Or Not To Be are dead. This all comes from thinking about The Ford Falcon. After two summers in Kalamazoo, I spent a summer in nearby Augusta, MI at The Barn Theatre. It turns out that a fellow apprentice that summer, Howard McBride, died last December. We were in a bunch of shows together, weren’t close friends, didn’t stay in contact, but I did know him. Yes indeed, To Be Or Not To Be.

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Emulating iPhone

Mar 4, 2007

A clever programmer emulated the iPhone interface on a Pocket PC using PPL (Pocket Programming Language). Just as in Vista or XP, it’s a choice of look or feel. You can copy the Look of something, but if you don’t have the Feel, it doesn’t work. When you’ve got both, you Win.

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vista aero

I run Windows Vista in a dual boot with Windows XP. I was feeling mixed on whether or not I liked Windows Vista more or not and then I figured it out. I noticed when my computer was booting and I had 30 seconds to make a choice of Vista or XP I went through this thought process:

Do I have something to get done today? If so I went to XP

Do I have time to play around and deal with a bit more annoying things? If so I went to Vista

I was a bit surprised at my thoughts on this, but it’s true Vista doesn’t support everything I use and it is slower than XP. I think the names say it all, XP is for Experience and Vista is more of a visual thing. So, it comes down to, do you want to see pretty things or do you want to to have the experience of getting work done faster?

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