Dinosaur Rock

Mar 21, 2007

Via Ars Technica, we learn that Elton John has beaten the Beatles by signing his entire back catalog exclusively to iTunes until April 30th. This isn’t the last Big Paycheck of the Blockbuster Hits.

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People Skills

Mar 21, 2007

Talking to our beloved lawyer, Norman C. Wilber, P.A., I was reminded of this scene from Office Space. As soon as you Create anything in the physical universe, there are Questions To Answer.

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Evolving Dinosaur

Mar 21, 2007

Bill Grueskin, the Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, shows he gets it by offering free, shareable video clips. He Wants Traffic.

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Dinosaur Powers

Mar 21, 2007

Last September Jeff Jarvis suggested:

Convince the big, old dinosaurs to distribute their stuff on the net. Why should we care about them? Because we want the net to BE television. We want lots of conforming uses for our tools – our Bittorrents – so they don’t try to restrict them. We want them to bring advertisers to the net, where we play on a level field and compete for those dollars. We want them to learn that owning content and copyright aren’t the keys to success – being seen is the only definition of success now. We need to teach them to think distributed, not centralized.

This morning Steve Bryant posts:

The short film credited with inspiring “Sims” creator Will Wright to develop the much-anticipated video game “Spore” is the subject of the latest subpoena against YouTube, Google Watch has learned.

The Eames Office applied for a subpoena against YouTube on Tuesday to have copies of the short film “Powers of Ten” removed from YouTube. The film, less than ten minutes in length, was created in 1977 by Charles Eames and his wife, Ray, and depicts the relative scale of the unverse in successive powers of ten.

I say Let The Dinosaurs Die!

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Kung Fu Laptop

Mar 21, 2007

Via Engadget we learn what to do if we spill Wine In Laptop!

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