Stinson Misirlou

Apr 4, 2007

A bit of Dick Dale and the DeltonesMisirlou with a video we took last week of the waves at Stinson Beach. Surf’s Up, Dude!

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If you visit our blog often you have probably noticed we like YouTube a lot. Lately our comments on YouTube have been a bit flaky, sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t. Of course with any system there are glitches, and I’m sure before long YouTube will have this fixed. If not we will be in search of another good online video hosting site. Anyone have suggestions for sites other than YouTube to host videos online?

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Photo by Peter Kaminski.

It shouldn’t really be called QuickVPN because it’s not all that quick. I setup up one of these today, and these are the things you should keep in mind if you are going to be setting one up.

1. QuickVPN software does not work on Vista – and I have been told there is not VPN software that will work on Vista with the RV042 at this time (don’t know if this is true)

2. If you call Linksys technical support Level 1 always sucks and they don’t even know QuickVPN is not compatible with Vista, always insist on being elevated to Level 2 support after they show the first sign of stupid. If you keep insisting they will send you on up to a competent person.

3. If you are using QuickVPN software all you need to configure under the VPN section is the VPN usernames and passwords (no Group VPN). Make sure you check active, then export your certificate from the router and save it in the QuickVPN program directory.

4. On the Firewall tab disable Block WAN requests

5. Change MTU to 1400

6. Most Important – upgrade the router’s firmware before you start (the one that came with mine didn’t work), and download the latest QuickVPN software. You can find both here .

7. Don’t forget to breathe, these routers are a bit irritating to setup, but not bad once they are working.

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In this interview, Dick Dale give great advice to artists on the Freemium Business Model.

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