Apr 5, 2007

Yes, we want to express Gratitude at the Anniversary Dinner!

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Living on the Web

Apr 5, 2007

John Milan posts that Enterprise IT should give up the idea of the perfect intranet and instead live on the web, giving British Petroleum as an example:

Instead of IT edicts, employees were given the responsibility – including a budget – to build and configure their computing needs. Instead of issuing rules, BP began issuing a Computer Driver’s License. A BP employee was given an increased role in managing and protecting their desktop environment, from keeping anti-virus software current to being responsible for licensing practices. In turn, IT was able to reduce its overhead and turn on the internet full time instead of maintaining an intranet/internet duality.

Do you trust yourself and the people you work with?

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Tech Porn

Apr 5, 2007

Pete Cashmore says Ron asks some inane questions, revealing in the process that he has pretty much no knowledge of tech, but this video seemed entertaining to me. You be the judge.

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Google My Maps

Apr 5, 2007

Google My Maps Sacramento Trip

I spent hours today playing with the new Google My Maps. You can plot locations, lines, and shapes. You can embed pictures and videos. Check out the map of our Trip to California!

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