N95 vs. iPhone

Jun 26, 2007

Via Robert Scoble, I found this funny variation on the Mac PC Commercials. Will Apple Get Sour Grapes?

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Sun, Sand, Serenade

Jun 26, 2007

Yesterday we took the kids down to Lake Norfork for a swim. A small group gathered with their Flute, Guitar, and Djembe Drum to serenade the swimmers with their Music.

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Raw Format

Jun 26, 2007

Almost a year ago, we began to use a more direct way of talking with each other and in our Videos.

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Jun 26, 2007

At last years Geek Dinner we shot and posted many video clips. We were just beginning to understand how to interact with people to engage conversation and Humor.

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A little over a year ago we posted this video on the TLCmagic Blog, which is about when we started getting interested in web videos. This past Saturday we bought the domain Microchunk.TV and hosting for it. I set up a Ning social network Microchunk.TV and put together a Facebook application. I also set up a Facebook Profile and installed the Ning Facebook application on it. The world is round, I’ll get there yet!

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TLCmagic In Flames

Jun 26, 2007

Last Friday we burned our stick pile and had a funeral pyre for TLCmagic. This video gives a taste of the direction we are going. More web videos, less computer repair.

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