Apr 24, 2011

I was thinking about Jesus on Good Friday. It seemed to me that he did not die for our sins so that we would not have to die. It seemed to me he set an example of sin dying so that a person could be reborn. Just saying.

Written by Bill Olen


Apr 20, 2011

Leading up to Easter, I have been thinking about Death lately. There is the small death of drinking alcohol or taking drugs, and the big death of serious chronic illness and passing away. I suppose there is some truth in the old saying — Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Written by Bill Olen

Surrender Agony

Apr 17, 2011

I know it is Palm Sunday, but I have been pondering over the Agony in the Garden. What is it about Surrendering to Spirit that is so agonizing. Do you know?

Written by Bill Olen


Apr 11, 2011

Little Feat seem to always enjoy making music, and I always enjoy listening to their music!

Written by Bill Olen

Love and Truth

Apr 10, 2011

Fats Waller brings some Joy and Play to the matter of Love and Truth!

Written by Bill Olen

Being Playful

Apr 9, 2011

So how do you find Joy? Put some Play in the mix! I hear Jimi being playful here.

Written by Bill Olen

Don’t Mean A Thing

Apr 6, 2011

And here’s some more joy for you!

Written by Bill Olen

Pride and Joy

Apr 5, 2011

Here’s some Joy for you!

Written by Bill Olen

Over the last five years I have produced about 700 videos, but looking over the videos I see that I have not really talked about what my Intentions are. To get things rolling, I am previewing them here:
Goal — Joy
Purpose — Play
Policy — Truth
Plan — Enjoy

Written by Bill Olen

Uplifting People

Apr 2, 2011

I was thinking about what’s important to me, and I remembered this video from a while back.
It still applies!

Written by Bill Olen
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