From Lake to Fountains

Sep 19, 2010

I just moved!

Mild Weather
Indian Summer at Lake of the Pines

Natural Setting
Oh My Darling
White Heron, Ducks, Geese

Friendly People
Veterans Day Parade
Mountain Mandarin Festival

Fair Oaks
The Fountains

Written by Bill Olen

A very pleasant evening!

Written by Bill Olen

Return of the Goats

Jul 7, 2009

Last year we did a video of the Goat Brushers in the field across from Lake of the Pines — Llama Ritual — and today while out on a walk, we saw them again.

Written by Bill Olen

Buster and the Deer

Jul 3, 2009

At Lake of the Pines, shot with the iPhone 3GS.

Written by Bill Olen

It got pretty hot yesterday afternoon in Lake of the Pines, but the new iPhone 3GS shoots nice video.

Written by Bill Olen

Over the last two months we have watched a pair of woodpeckers build a nest and raise a brood. In the last few days we have gotten a view of the young ones.

Written by Bill Olen

We all went up to the Lake to cool off, and had a great conversation with Doug Penny about how the only competitive advantage is your own unique quality, and met his wife Vanessa.

Written by Bill Olen

Llama Ritual

Jun 13, 2008

iPhone Video

In a field across from the Lake of the Pines entrance, they are clearing the brush with a herd of goats, some sheep, and a guard llama. The llama is the leader who protects and serves. A fitting ritual.

Written by Bill Olen

iPhone Video

Bill and I have been watching these strange birds at the Lake of the Pines Lake in Auburn, CA. They sit on a perch and hold their wings out for a long time, then they dive under water and swim amazing distances. For awhile we didn’t know what they were, and then we found them on Wikipedia. They are called Cormorants and they’re pretty cool.

Written by Misty Olen

iPhone Video

We’ve had a couple days of storms, and another on the way, but it could be worse — ten feet of snow are expected in the Sierra Nevada Mountains!

Written by Bill Olen
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