iPhone Video

Today we tested out a few mics on the Canon GL2 Camera.
1. The Canon GL2 Built-in microphone
2. The Azden SGM Shotgun microphone
3. The Sony UWP-C1 Lavalier UHF wireless microphone

The last two microphones are connected through the Beachtek DXA-4P adapter. The Sony seems to have the best audio quality out of the three mics, but I need to do further testing with the Azden to be sure.

Written by Misty Olen

Canon GL2 Test Footage

Feb 10, 2008

iPhone Video

A few days ago we upgraded cameras to a Canon GL2. It shoots amazing quality and we are really enjoying. This is just some test footage we did to see how well the quality comes across online.

Written by Misty Olen
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