My message is not that it is EASY, but that it is POSSIBLE to be found online, and THAT is where the fun starts.

VSEO Gold Rush Over

Feb 1, 2009

Robert Scoble spotted the Rush to video search keywords back in 11/27/07. We predicted the end on 10/26/08. Six months ago, the keywords we watch on Google had 2 or 3 thumbnailed videos on page one, now they have 0 or 1. In the last month, competitive keywords on YouTube have results that change daily as YouTube tweaks their algorithms. Authority seems to be determined first by Keywords, then by Views when an order of magnitude greater, and then by Ratings when extreme one star or five stars. So now it’s back to delivering value by creating videos that inform, entertain, amuse, or uplift, delivering value by communicating unique quality.

You know the Gold Rush is over when they start hanging the claim jumpers!

Mobile VSEO Round

Nov 24, 2008

We had a few clips from a audio recording session, so just for fun we put them together!

Mobile VSEO

Nov 18, 2008

We found some old footage that helps make a new point about Mobile Video Search Engine Optimization:
If you optimize for Google, YouTube, and iPhone now, you will have even greater success when the iPhone supports Flash or more video sharing sites support the iPhone, and when Google Maps supports video on the iPhone.

Viral VSEO

Nov 9, 2008

About 1% of our videos are big hits, about 10% are successes, about 50% are OK, and about 40% are failures. Pretty much the same percentages as Babe Ruth.

For Viral VSEO, all the rules of video search engine optimization still apply, but here are three more things you need to do:

  • 1. Focus on your unique quality
    2. Get and Stay cash flow positive
    3. Keep producing more quantity and quality.
  • VSEO

    Oct 30, 2008

    We talk about the whole point of Video Search Engine Optimization — People finding You.

    Video SEO

    Oct 28, 2008

    We lay out the five Key Areas for Video SEO:
    1. Keep It Short and Sweet
    A. Video Length — microchunk when possible
    B. Sponsorship — use product placement and brand integration, not pre, mid, and post rolls
    C. Title — use three words to avoid truncation

    2. Optimize Metadata
    A. Use a thumbnail that pops
    B. Use keywords on title, description, and tags
    C. Put full URL as first line of description as call to action
    D. Add closed captions and annotations

    3. Use Google Maps
    A. Geotag always to show up in Google Maps user generated content
    B. Create Google business listings and post videos to them
    C. Create Google My Maps and post videos to them

    4. Build Community
    A. Respond to all channel and video comments
    B. Search for related videos and favorite, comment, and video respond
    C. Link back to your site, blog, and social networking profiles

    5. Track Distribution
    A. Distribute and analyze across multiple video sharing sites with TubeMogul
    B. Follow YouTube Insight

    We talk about the Gold Rush Days of Video Search Engine Optimization.

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