I Can’t Go For That

Apr 1, 2012

Boing Boing ran this video last Thursday. It is a perfect example of Fred Wilson‘s notion of The Future of Media:

1. Microchunk it.
2. Free it.
3. Syndicate it.
4. Monetize it.

I can go for that, oh oh…oh can do!

By way of Nalts, we woke up this morning to the Kutiman “Thru-You” funk. Life is good!

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iPhone It In

Apr 3, 2008

The Meth Minute shows what happens when smart phones go bad, or when dumb users go good.

Via Valleyway, the South Park gang asks the question. See the full episode Meet the Internet Stars.

iPhone Video

We share the Secret!

The Key

Mar 24, 2008

Josh Bernoff says:

The key is you’re living in a world where people’s expectations have been set by YouTube, so you want to think, what can I put together that somebody, might, in my customer base might actually find fun, interesting, entertaining to look at.

Auburn Statues

Mar 21, 2008

iPhone Video

For over 40 years, Dr. Kenneth H. Fox of Auburn, CA has been creating massive concrete sculptures. Below is a map locating statues in this video:

View Larger Map

In the past two years, we’ve posted 321 videos online and gotten 163,558 views — about 510 views per video on average. Our top twelve videos in this video wall have gotten 51,185 views.

Branding Decay

Feb 16, 2008

Umair Haque

In fact, when interaction is cheap, the very economic rationale for orthodox brands actually begins to implode: information about expected costs and benefits doesn’t have to be compressed into logos, slogans, ad-spots or column-inches – instead, consumers can debate and discuss expected costs and benefits in incredibly rich detail.

Do you provide a place in your Local Listings, Video Sharing, and Blog where your customers can review, comment on, and validate your Brand?

iPhone Video

We take a minute to talk about the smart marketing of the Jawbone on http://www.youtube.com/aliphjawbone.

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